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According to TalentWorks, more than 60% of all full-time jobs described as “entry-level” require at least 3 years of experience due to the so-called “experience inflation,” causing the amount of required experience to increase by 2.8% every year.

You’ve likely noticed from your job search that postings for Coordinator positions are wanting 1+ years of experience, and you’re probably frustrated thinking, “how will I ever land an entry-level job if no one will give me a chance?” We totally get it. We’ve been there, which is why we’ve created this company—to provide you with the training to help you stand out as the top choice during your job search.
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We’ve reviewed countless resumes and interviewed many employees, so we know how to help you stand out—not just with our training, but also with your resume. We’ll provide you with feedback and show you how to showcase your completion of our training courses.

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During a 30-minute video call, we’ll answer any questions you have regarding the industry, the job search, and we will provide tools and tips for you to ace your interview and land the job.

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Charli Sharp

After four internships under her belt, Charli landed a job as an Account Coordinator at a top Public Relations agency in Los Angeles. Upon graduating from Old Dominion University, she packed up her car in September 2013 and drove cross-country to move to LA sight unseen. Once she made it to California, she scoped out the location of her office the Sunday before she was to report for her first day. Standing on Sunset Blvd. & Vine in Hollywood, she felt like she made it. 

She had the privilege of working for and alongside some of the best and brightest in the industry who taught her what she knows today; however, after the initial excitement of her first few days wore off, she realized she wasn't as prepared as she thought she was—despite those four internships and a college degree. After several months of "sink or swim" and "trial by fire," she felt like she finally learned what she needed to in order to excel. 

Charli worked hard and received several promotions over the course of her time at the agency. Eventually, she co-led the internship program for the company, and drawing on her experience, she created a program where interns participated in mini-training sessions designed to learn the necessary skills it took her several months to master.

Following the agency, Charli served as the Public Relations Director for the Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau (tourism board). She participated in 40+ hours of supervisor training and managed a team of direct reports. This experience further cemented her belief that college is not adequately preparing graduates, and companies are lacking sufficient onboarding programs and training for entry- to mid-level employees. Drawing on her in-house and agency experience and passion for training and mentoring others, she decided to create Sharp Development Partners.

Charli wants you to have the same feelings of "wow, I made it" as she had during her first few days, and the "pinch me moments" (with less tears and stress!) that she experienced throughout her career—from hosting a press trip in New Zealand, to attending Golden Globes and Emmy's parties on behalf of clients.

Send her an email to ask for advice, or to simply say hello. She's committed to helping the next generation of communications and marketing professionals.

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