Job-Ready Training

We've curated a training program consisting of 15-19 courses to get recent graduates "Job-Ready" for their entry-level job in agency or in-house positions.

We don't believe in the "sink or swim" mentality.

There's a tremendous gap in skills between what students are learning in college and what is expected of them to be Job-Ready on day one. Our training program is designed to ensure that employees can hit the ground running on day one. Entry-Level new hires will learn the following skills.

  • Managing up to supervisors
  • How to interact with clients and senior leaders
  • Become effective meeting participants, take notes and craft next steps
  • Solve problems and identify solutions
  • Anticipate needs
  • Show proactivity and initiative
  • and more
19 Courses included

Job-Ready Training, PR

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15 Courses included

Job-Ready Training, Marketing

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