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Build a blueprint for personal & team success with SDP’s professional development training courses for groups of two or more employees.
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Some benefits of our offerings

an extensive list of group training courses to fit your needs


We offer special training sessions and workshops led by our instructors in-person for more than two employees.


Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers during our virtual sessions and workshops.

Private Learning

Employees can learn at their own pace with our online courses, available at group rates.

Group Trainings 

In addition to the following list, all of our online courses and course bundles can be taught in-person or virtually for two or more employees. 

  • Client Relations 
  • Writing & Editing  
  • Media Relations
  • Effective Meetings & Brainstorming
  • Group Problem-Solving
  • Communicating in the Workplace & Resolving Conflict
  • Leadership & Coaching
  • Job-Ready Training (for Account Coordinators)
 Browse our course catalog below for current course offerings, or contact us to request a training course around your desired topic not currently offered. 



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