Client/Agency Counseling

We're an unbiased third party that works with both the clients and agency account teams to improve the relationship dynamics.
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We understand the dynamics of the client-agency relationship, having worked in both agency and in-house roles. As with any relationship, counseling can be beneficial, and it's helpful have a third-party person work with both sides to enhance communication and strengthen the relationship.

While we offer Client Relations trainings for agency account teams, this training service requires participation from both the client and the account teams.

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How it Works

Our Counseling Process

Information Gathering Sessions

We conduct separate sessions with the client(s) and the agency account teams so that we can better understand the relationship dynamics and concerns from both sides. 

Develop Action Plans

We identify and develop a plan to address the issues and concerns. This may include educating the client(s) on Public Relations best practices to better align expectations, targeted training for the agency account team, recommendations for client(s) to manage up to their senior leadership, etc.

Conduct Training & Counseling

We conduct that trainings for areas that we can address—either with online courses, or group trainings for the client and agency. 

Evaluate & Assess

After 30-days, we connect with both parties to see if improvements have been made, or if further action and training is needed. 
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